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Security is about more than just alarm systems. Your home or business in Welland requires a security system that detects and deters the bad guys before they enter. PasWord Protection offers 360 degree business and residential security, with cameras, intrusion alarms, and 24-hour monitoring.

Alarm monitoring is one of the best ways to limit dangers to your family, employees, and property.  This is especially necessary in instances where trespassing, arson, and burglaries have taken place.

At PasWord Protection, we understand the importance of providing high quality solutions to your security challenges.  Consequently, we have home and business security systems that offer considerable protection but don’t interfere with your daily life. PasWord is a security company in Welland you can trust.

When considering your security needs, bear in mind that the quality of your service will be determined by the assets you wish to protect and the security level you desire for your family and home. Depending on your needs, our licensed security advisors in Welland can advise you on the ideal security options. Although the installation of a home or business security system can be expensive, lacking one could be more costly.

Why You Should Consider a Security System for Your Business

Security systems are an essential part of protecting your business, decreasing insurance costs, and monitoring customers and employees. You’re probably aware that technology evolves constantly and features that are available in today’s systems were previously inaccessible.

At PasWord, we understand that your business is distinctive – with its own products, business objectives, and security concerns. Therefore, we believe that your business deserves nothing less than the unrivaled protection and customized solutions that we provide.

Hamilton Security Office

You’ll appreciate that business security systems offer numerous benefits to businesses. While it’s possible to realize considerable benefits from a simple system, you may wish to invest in certain features to capitalize on protection depending on your business.
Fortunately, PasWord offers different business security solutions, including CCTV systems and digital video recorders. Although operating a business requires various risks, security should not be one of them.

Your major role should be focusing on your business and we’ll help you do so by protecting it with a customized security solution. We can offer a situation assessment to understand your business environment better and help identify the areas where you’re most vulnerable, including some you may not have considered.

Types of Home Security Systems

Numerous kinds of security systems are available in the market and selecting one can be very confusing and frustrating.

While it’s important to install a security system that can protect your loved ones, business, and valuables, it’s equally important to conduct research in order to locate the appropriate system for your needs. We recommend a monitored alarm system that will alert a call center in the event that criminals trigger the alarm. In turn, the call center will inform the police. PasWord’s Verified Video Alarm Monitoring gives you and your family the 24/7 protection to keep you safe.

There’s no need to place your home or business at risk when you can rely on us for prompt and personalized services.

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