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    Waterdown is a community blessed with natural beauty, a growing population, and a vibrant calendar of social events like RibFest and the annual candlelit choral walkWaterdown Alarm Systems! It’s no wonder that so many people are happy to call this community their home.

    At PasWord Protect, we are the leading provider of home security systems in the Hamilton area. We know the community of Waterdown and we’re passionate about helping residents keep their homes and businesses safe!

    We offer an extensive range of brand-name security systems for your home and business that offer reliable protection from potential theft, vandalism or burglary.

    Security companies in Waterdown don’t match our range of products, services and years of experience. Don’t trust your safety or the safety of your loved ones with any other name!

    Trusted Home Security & Exceptional Customer Service

    Our professional Security Consultants are knowledgeable and experienced. When you call us, our Consultants carefully assess your property and develop a customized plan designed to protect you, your family, and your employees from potential dangers.

    We are unique amongst security companies in Waterdown in the level of individualized service we offer each of our customers. Our Security Specialists are never contracted out, meaning you can trust the employees who design, install, service and monitor your security systems.

    Don’t delay and contact us for a no-charge on-site assessment conducted by one of PasWord Protection Security Consultants!

    Waterdown Alarm Systems for Your Home & Businesses

    PasWord Protection offers customized home security systems designed to help deter criminals from targeting your property and loved ones.

    We are committed to giving our clients real solutions to their home security concerns. We offer entry point monitoring, CCTV systems, intrusion alarms, and home alarm monitoring.

    Some of our other services and technologies include:

    • 24 hour low-light home security cameras
    • Full-perimeter detection
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Remote system access

    At PasWord Protect, we understand that connectivity is an essential part of our daily experience. With this in mind, we are equipped to deliver integrated security systems that sync with smart home programs seamlessly.

    Business owners in Waterdown can also trust us to deliver the same degree of excellence in business security systems.

    Our business-oriented services include:

    • 24 hour video surveillance
    • Intrusion alarms
    • Perimeter detection
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Commercial fluid and chemical monitoring

    ULC certification means that our alarm systems will meet strict government and insurance regulations, so that your business could be eligible for discounts in coverage.

    We have experience working with clients across a variety of industries in southwestern Ontario, so we can deliver to even the most specialized needs of business owners.

    We are more than happy to offer a no-charge on-site assessment conducted by our trained Security Consultants to residents and business owners in Waterdown.

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    PasWord protect is a noted amongst security companies in Waterdown and throughout southern Ontario for our responsive customer service and brand-name products in home and commercial security.


    Contact us today to set up a no-charge on-site assessment conducted by our trained Waterdown Security Consultants.

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