See how Virtual Guard works to protect your business.

How Virtual Guard protects your business
Our base level package includes two video surveillance cameras, DVR recording device. This is perfect for any small commercial application with a front and back door, but no side window. It’s also ideal for an office that is less than 2000 sq. ft. Our packages can be expanded to include 32 cameras.

Intruder Alert
If your alarm system is activated, one of our Virtual Guards immediately goes into action to view the situation via the online video surveillance cameras.

Direct Surveillance
You always have the option to view your premises anytime by installing our Virtual Guard app on your smartphone or laptop.

Police Notification
Depending on the situation observed the operator would either contact the police or you the business owner.
Get started today
Setup is both easy and affordable:

PRICE: $99 installation fee + $39.95 per month

Additional surveillance can be installed for an extra $10/month per camera (up to 32 cameras). An Internet connection must be provided to connect the cameras.
Why you need Virtual Guard
The benefits of Virtual Guard are significant:
1) Peace of mind that someone is always paying attention to your business premises.
2) Faster police response times
3) Reduced false alarms given that intruder alerts are verified before directed to police
4) It is likely that your insurance premiums will be reduced.