ULC Certified Fire Monitoring

At PasWord Protection Fire, we offer industry-leading ULC-listed fire alarm monitoring systems and services that utilize the latest IP and GSM technology.

If you need to assess risk in your building and ensure ongoing compliance with municipal fire codes, PasWord’s ULC Fire monitoring service will keep your building up to code and your tenants safe.

ULC Certification

Apartment building with ULC fire monitoringMost cities and municipalities require that any occupied commercial premises, including residential high- and low-rise multi-tenanted buildings, be protected by a fire system. That fire system must be monitored and serviced by a ULC-listed alarm company.

ULC fire monitoring ensures that the proper responses and procedures are followed when fire alarms, fire troubles, and fire supervisory alarms are received. It also ensures your system is in good working order.

An added advantage for building operators is that enlisting a ULC-listed firm to monitor your building’s fire control system takes the responsibility off your shoulders. Certification by a ULC listed company means you are no longer responsible (provided you maintain the ULC subscription) for meeting the prescribed requirements. The company in charge of your fire standard monitoring will now be responsible.

To learn more about ULC certification, click here.

The PasWord advantage

You can trust that your PasWord ULC certified fire system will meet all necessary requirements. Our technicians are trained in all aspects of installation and service, and the mandatory inspections of fire monitoring systems.

We design, install, service and monitor our own systems. PasWord does not subcontract any services to maintain the highest standards and to protect our ULC Listings.

PasWord’s fire monitoring service maintains your building’s security in line with ULC Standard CAN/ULC- S536-13.

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