Thorold Alarm Systems for Your Home or Business

Whether you have pets, children, or simply a collection of valuables, home security must be your primary concern.

While you can implement various measures to deter burglars, such as leaving the light on and locking your doors, these measures may be insufficient. Fortunately, PasWord Protection can add layers of protection to your home. Our Thorold alarm systems will help you monitor your home when you’re absent and feel safe and secure.

Selecting the right security system for your home can be a daunting task.
Unfortunately, there are numerous gadgets in the market purporting to reinforce security, so you must be cautious when evaluating security companies in Thorold. Here’s a list of factors to consider before investing in your home’s security system.


Calculating your security budget is a sensible approach to establishing the appropriate system for your property. Furthermore, configurations that are more complex might be more costly. For instance, an alarm system that’s monitored 24 hours by a central hub has a monthly fee.
Nevertheless, our Thorold alarm systems experts will advise you on the best solution depending on your needs and budget. Our security company handles both home and business security systems, so visit us for a comprehensive assessment of your security needs.

Professional Installation

There are many advantages to a professionally installed security system. DIY is attractive, but can be a challenge. You must establish whether you can handle DIY installation, which typically involves buying equipment and installing it yourself around the home. This could be a time-consuming process and may not offer the same sense of security as a monitored system.

At PasWord Protection, you’ll find that not only do we offer CCTV systems, environmental detectors, and intrusion alarms, but we do so with our elite monitoring service. We offer a range of 24-hour monitored security products in Thorold, including:

  • Security cameras
  • Intrusion services
  • Fluid and Environmental Monitors
  • Choosing a Security Company

    Selecting a security company is a vital part of protecting your home against threatening situations, for instance fire and intrusion. However, it’s important you find the right security company in Thorold.. There are numerous options in the market, but none meet the standards set by PasWord Protection.

    Our Philosophy

    At PasWord, we believe that we must treat our customers honestly, ethically, fairly and ensure our price is fair and reasonable. This philosophy permeates every aspect of PasWord Protection.
    Whether you’re considering a security system for your home or business, call PasWord. You’ll receive exceptional service and customized solutions, so don’t miss out!

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