Security Systems in Stoney Creek


    PasWord Protection has been one of the leading providers of security systems in Stoney Creek since 1961.
    We offer home and business security solutions to keep your family, your employees, and your possessions safe and secure.

    Home Security Stoney Creek

    Downtown Stoney CreekProtect you home with Serious Security from PasWord. Intrusion alarms at the entry points to your home will alert you to a break-in before it happens. You can complement your home security system with video cameras, helping ensure you’ll catch any bad guys who do try to enter your home.
    PasWord Protection also means protection against the elements. Our 24 hour monitoring service will alert you to dangers from fire, carbon monoxide, flooding, or freezing.
    Best of all, your PasWord security system is easy to use! Your touchscreen interface is fully integrated with the system, allowing you to monitor and make changes to the system with the touch of a finger. With mobile integration, your PasWord system is never far away. View through your cameras, turn the alarm on or off, and be confident your home is safe and secure wherever you are.

    Business Security Stoney Creek

    Keep your business safe with PasWord Protection. We have a long record of protecting companies with our security systems in Stoney Creek.
    Included in your PasWord security system are intrusion alarms, CCTV systems, 24-hour security monitoring, and a variety of environmental monitoring services.
    Your PasWord video surveillance system includes protection from our Video Guard service. When an intrusion event triggers your alarm, our monitoring office will immediately be able to see through your cameras. They will be able to report on whether an intruder has entered your business or not, and can contact the authorities if necessary. This human monitoring service decreases the chance of false alarms and dramatically increases police response time.
    In addition to security monitoring, PasWord also provides a wide range of other commercial monitoring services. From ULC fire monitoring, commercial fluid and mechanical monitoring, and environmental and fluid monitoring. Whether it is freezers running above temp, broken water pumps, stalled production machines, or virtually any other automated mechanical system, PasWord will alert you to problems. This alert will help you prevent or mitigate potentially catastrophic equipment failures.

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