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Downton Milton Buildings Using Security Systems

Our best security consultants will assess your home and give you an estimate for a personalized security system at no charge. At PasWord Protection, we take protecting your home and business seriously.

The crime statistics are pretty clear. Between July 5 and July 18, 2018, Halton Regional Police reported 73 incidents of crime in Milton, including six break and enters. Nearly $30,000 worth of equipment was stolen from two different constructions sites between July 6th and July 9th.

InsideHalton.com reported that the first crime took place at a construction site on Leger Way where an Arc 300-amp towable welding machine was stolen. It was valued at $7,100. A second theft involving a NorthStar black and red diesel plate compactor worth $22,000, took place the same weekend at a construction site on Main Street West.

Halton Police are also investigating a break-in at a trucking company compound on Alliance Drive in Milton during the same weekend.

Business Security Systems in Milton

You’ve worked hard to build your business and secure a nice home for your family to live in. But there are people who believe they can take for free what you’ve laboured so hard to get and that’s just not right. Neither do you have to tolerate such abuses.

PasWord Protection offers a range of home and business security systems that offer complete protection for your home and business. Our professional security consultants will carefully assess your property and develop a customized plan designed to protect you, your family and your business from potential dangers.

24-Hour Monitoring

In a quiet and family-oriented community like Milton, it’s easy to take safety and security for granted. Unfortunately, we can never tell when or why criminals may strike. Proper security measures will protect your business and your employees from threats such as break-ins.

PasWord Protection services for business include:

  • 24-hour video surveillance
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Perimeter detection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Commercial fluid and chemical monitoring

Our security systems are always designed, installed, serviced and monitored by our own employees. We never sub-contract projects to third parties, giving you greater peace-of-mind about the security you’ll receive.

Home Security Systems in Milton

Your home is your sanctuary and you want to be assured that your family will be safe when they’re at home and your property protected while you’re away. PasWord Protection’s customized home security systems are designed to completely protect your property and loved ones from break-ins.

We offer entry point monitoring, intrusion alarms and home alarm systems. Some of our other services and technologies include:

  • 24 hour low-light home security cameras
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Full-perimeter detection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Remote system access

PasWord Protection can also deliver integrated security systems that sync seamlessly with smart home programs. You can control security settings, environmental monitoring and manage energy consumption with the touch of a button.

Environmental Monitoring

We also offer a range of environmental monitoring systems to make sure that your fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and natural gas/propane detectors are in excellent working order so that you are alerted promptly if there is ever a danger present.

Insurance Discounts

An effective security system for your home is a sound investment. With the PasWord Protection sticker on your door, burglaries are less likely to happen. Not only do you get peace-of-mind, but you could also be eligible for discounts on your homeowner’s insurance.

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