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    Grimsby is a town that hardworking people are proud to call home. Residents here value the small town charm and are committed to keeping their community safe for their friends, families, co-workers, and loved-ones.
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    PasWord Protection is known for its strong commitment to your safety. Since 1961, we have delivered Southwestern Ontarians a range of security solutions for the home and commercial setting. Residents in Grimsby trust the PasWord Protection brand and our commitment to superior customer service and reliable security systems for your home and business properties.
    We offer the most advanced burglar alarms, 24-hour security cameras, and comprehensive environmental monitoring services. Whether you need added everyday security measures or require protection for your home during vacations, we are equipped to address your needs.
    We professionally train each of our security consultants to create detailed and individualized security plans designed to offer a high level of protection for your homes and businesses. Our consultants and PasWord Protection’s trusted employees will also be responsible for managing the installation and maintenance of your tailored security system.
    We are trusted names in the home security industry. We have built our reputations on a solid foundation of superior customer service and reliable services. We will always strive to deliver services that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.


    Complete protection for your home

    PasWord Protection understands that the feeling of security in your home and at work is priceless. We only use the most trusted and reliable brand-name products and security services to deliver peace of mind and real protection from potential criminals.
    Our range of products and services are designed to offer everyday security to protect your family and your valuables. Our comprehensive systems are also ideal if your family travels because our intrusion alarms and monitoring services will help ward off potential intruders. If there is ever a break-in, your system will alert PasWord Protection promptly so that criminals are scared off and any damage is minimized.
    Our services include:


    • 24-hour video surveillance system and monitoring services
    • Remote access system
    • Full perimeter detection
    • Intrusion alarms

    Our security systems for Grimsby residents are not only comprehensive, we’re equipped to deliver smart home installations that connect all of your home monitoring services seamlessly. From one keypad, you can control your alarms, video cameras and any environmental monitoring services protecting your property.
    Consider a solid security system an investment in your home and family. A reliable security system doesn’t only deliver peace of mind, you could be eligible for valuable discounts on homeowners insurance.
    Don’t waste time; invest in your safety by calling PasWord Protection today!


    Business Security Systems in Grimsby

    At PasWord Protection, we believe that all businesses should invest in a comprehensive, commercial-grade security system. Your business is your livelihood and one of your chief priorities will be to create a safe and secure workplace for you and your employees.
    PasWord Protection offers business owners and commercial properties 24-hour security camera surveillance, intrusion alarms, environmental monitoring.
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    We also offer Grimsby business-owners:


    • Full-perimeter protection
    • Video-guard response
    • Integrated video surveillance
    • Access control
    • Commercial-grade intrusion alarms

    Our alarm systems are ULC certified, which means your security system will meet rigorous insurance, government and AHJ requirements. You can also trust that your operations will truly be protected since PasWord Protection consultants and employees conduct all design, installation, maintenance and customer support. We never sub-contract out to third parties.
    We take your safety and the security of your business with the utmost seriousness. Contact us today


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    We are more than happy to offer a no-charge on-site assessment conducted by our trained Grimsby Security Consultants.
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