Environmental & Temperature Monitoring

temperature monitored refrigerator

24 Hour or After Hour Monitoring

Your PasWord System can be designed to provide 24 hour or after hour monitoring of critical environmental systems that keep your business in business.


For Serious Business Protection, PasWord will install temperature probes in freezers and refrigeration units to alert you when the temperature goes outside your predetermined ranges.


Monitor your high temperature equipment for a drop in temperature by connecting your business lifelines to your PasWord System.

Serious Business Protection

Reduce down time or avoid unnecessary costs associated with undetected equipment failure and let the PasWord Response Centre alert your organization or third party vendor before the event is catastrophic.

PasWord can easily integrate your environmental system with a PasWord Video Guard Response system that allows images to be sent to our response team or any where you are connected.

Your PasWord system can save the day, or more accurately, your entire inventory.

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