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Our home and business security systems guarantee that your family, valuables, and property will always be safeguarded from the criminals who are always looking for an easy, unprotected target.

Crime is alive and well in Burlington, Ontario. According to InsideHalton.com, there was one break and enter, two vehicles stolen and the theft of two tires with rims from a trailer parked behind a distribution company, all within a four-day period.

According to the Halton Regional Police Service crime reports, there were 43 crimes against property, including three break and enters in Burlington between June 28 and July 12, 2018.

A home on Forestvale Drive was broken into on July 1st, 2018. At the time of the report, it hadn’t been determined what, if anything, had been stolen, but the mere fact that the break-in happened is bad enough.

The rear tires and rims that were stolen from the trailer parked at the rear of a Sutton Drive business are valued at approx. $5,000.

Vehicles Stolen

Building using security systems in Burlington, Ontario

Also reported by InsideHalton.com, two vehicles were stolen during break-ins to garages. The first vehicle was a 2014 Mercedes M35 Diesel taken from a home on Maria Street and the second was a 2009 Toyota Venza stolen from a home on Hazelton Boulevard. Both homeowners were home at the time, but unaware that they were being robbed.

Protect Yourself

Don’t be a victim. Protect your home and property now with a home security system from PasWord Protection. We offer piece-of-mind with customized security systems to discourage break-ins and prevent would-be thieves from walking (or driving) away with your goods. You can be confident that our home alarm systems will discourage intruders from entering your home, garage or business.

Full Perimeter Detection Systems

Full perimeter detection systems provide serious security for homes and businesses. In the case of the tire theft, the presence of security cameras on the outside of the building could have prevented the crime from happening. Most criminals know better than to attempt a theft when they see cameras and the PasWord logo on a door. At the very least, police would have had a video of the culprits committing the crime.

Get Security Customized for Your Needs

PasWord Protection’s security consultants are highly qualified experts that will assess your home security requirements and take the time to design a customized best security system professionally installed to your specific needs.

Some of the elements you may want your security system to include are:

  • 24 hour low-light home security cameras
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Full perimeter detection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Remote system access

For your business, you can choose to include the following elements:

  • 24-hour video surveillance
  • Intrusion alarms
  • Complete perimeter detection
  • Environmental and temperature monitoring
  • Access control systems
  • Commercial fluid and mechanical monitoring

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