Brantford Alarm Systems


    PasWord Protection is proud to be one of the most reliable Brantford alarm system providers!


    Since 1961, we have delivered security solutions for the home and commercial setting throughout southwestern Ontario. We have worked with thousands of clients and tailored our services to meet each of their unique needs.
    When you reach out to PasWord Protection, our professional Security Consultants will carefully assess your property and develop a customized plan for your needs. We will use only the most trusted brand names in home and business security systems in your alarm system.

    virtual-tour-122241-01-13773494871Some of our other services and technologies include:
    Each of our systems are also designed, installed, serviced and monitored by our Security Specialists and employees. We never sub-contract our projects out to third parties, which gives our clients greater control over their security.


    Residents in Brantford can trust the PasWord Protection brand. We are committed to superior customer service and providing reliable security systems for the home and commercial properties that help protect you, your employees and loved ones.


    Don’t delay; contact us today for a no-charge on-site assessment conducted by one of PasWord Protection Security Consultants!


    Brantford Home Security Systems

    PasWord Protection specializes in customized home security systems designed to help protect your property and loved ones from potential criminals and environmental damage.


    We are committed to giving our clients a range of real solutions to address their home security concerns. Our security services and brand name products are comprehensive.


    We offer entry point monitoring, intrusion alarms and home alarm monitoring to all the residents of Brantford.


    • 24 hour low-light home security cameras
    • Intrusion alarms
    • Full-perimeter detection
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Remote system access

    PasWord Protection uses the most advanced technology on the market. We can deliver integrated security systems that sync with smart home programs seamlessly. With the touch of a button, you can control security settings, environmental monitoring and even manage energy consumption!


    We also offer you and your family a range of environmental monitoring systems. Our systems make sure that your fire detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and natural gas/ propane detectors are in-sync so that you are alerted promptly if there is ever a danger present.


    A reliable security system helps you feel safe and rest easy at night. A well-planned and effective security system for your home is a sound investment in your most important asset. With the right alarm system, you could be eligible for valuable discounts on homeowners insurance.


    Our professional Security Consultants in Brantford are ready to assess your home and develop an individualized plan to meet your security needs.


    Schedule a no-charge in-home estimate today and give yourself peace of mind!


    Business Security Systems in Brantford

    You’ve put your time, money and energy into building your business. A reliable security system is an essential step in protecting your investment. Let PasWord Protect help you keep this space safe for you, your employees and co-workers from potential criminals and thieves.


    Our name and reputation for creating superior business security systems is unmatched. That reputation has helped build trust with business owners across Brantford.


    Our services include:


    • 24 hour video surveillance/ CCTV systems
    • Intrusion alarms
    • Perimeter detection
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Commercial fluid and chemical monitoring

    Our state of the art CCTV surveillance systems will provide perimeter protection and immediate eyes on response. These systems will help you capture and prosecute anyone who tries to trespass/break into your business property.


    We have experience working with clients across a variety of industries in southwestern Ontario, so we can deliver on even the most specialized needs to business owners.


    Contact us today!

    PasWord protect is a noted amongst security companies in Brantford and throughout southern Ontario for our responsive customer service and brand-name products in home and commercial security.


    Contact us today to set up a no-charge on-site assessment conducted by our trained Brantford Security Consultants.
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