Home Alarm Company and Business Security Systems

Protecting your home or business from criminals is vitally important. At PasWord Protection, we understand your need to feel secure and safe. Our business security and home alarm systems will give you confidence that intruders can not enter your premises.

PasWord has been a reliable and trusted provider of alarm systems in the Hamilton, Halton and Niagara regions since 1961. Our security packages include customized alarm system design, installation, and service in Oakville and Burlington as well. Your security system includes 24 hour ULC monitoring of alarm systems, access control and video surveillance solutions from our local offices.

Connected, effective and easy to use, PasWord solutions are all designed to provide Serious Security.

Screen+Shot+2015-07-14+at+4.23.15+PMSecurity Cameras

Protect your home with a video surveillance system from PasWord. Security cameras can deter criminals before they enter your home or business. CCTV footage of their crime makes it that much more likely they will be brought to justice for their crime.


With PasWord, your security camera system isn’t just there to show police what happened after the fact. A signal from the intrusion alarm will alert our professional staff to a potential break-in. Our Video Guard staff will then determine if the threat is real and act accordingly.


Don’t worry, though, your privacy is secure. Our staff can only see through the cameras once the alarm system is triggered, so you don’t have to worry about your day to day privacy. Our goal is always to have you feel safe and secure in your home.


Screen+Shot+2015-07-14+at+4.25.56+PM (1)Home and Commercial Alarm Monitoring

PasWord Protection comes with 24 hour ULC monitoring by professional Emergency Response Operators (EROs). With PasWord, someone is always watching out for the safety of you, your family, and your business. Within seconds of an intruder attempting to enter your home, PasWord’s trained staff is notified and can have the police on their way immediately.


Rather than using third party alarm monitoring companies, PasWord has its own professional staff and local monitoring station. Our station is ULC approved and all of our monitoring staff have had complete background checks. PasWord Protection means staff you can trust.


Our EROs and Video Guard responders are always ready. When a criminal triggers your alarm system, the Video Guard is notified and can then see what’s happening through your cameras. If someone is trying to get in your home, you will be secure in knowing our staff is monitoring and the police are on their way.


Screen+Shot+2015-07-14+at+4.28.45+PM (1)The Sign that Stops Thieves Cold

When you protect your home or business with an alarm system from PasWord, you also receive a more subtle type of security. You get the PasWord name. With over 50 years in the business, potential burglars know our name and know what it means. They know it means serious security.


A PasWord sign on your doors and windows stops thieves cold. With a PasWord sign, potential burglars know they’re taking a much greater risk of getting caught by the police. Who knows how many break-ins have been stopped before the criminal even reached the door. Our reputation gives us an advantage other alarm systems can’t compete with; now that’s Serious Security.